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Is Parasailing Safe For Your Kids In Aruba?

Kids Going For Parasailing

Parasailing is a popular water sport that involves being towed behind a boat while attached to a parasail canopy. It is a thrilling experience that provides a bird’s eye view of the beautiful surroundings, and it is growing in popularity, especially in tourist destinations like Aruba. Many families with kids are wondering if parasailing is safe for their children, and the answer is a resounding yes!

Safety Regulations

Aruba has strict safety regulations in place to ensure that all parasailing activities are conducted in a safe and secure manner. The boats used for parasailing are equipped with the latest safety features, including life jackets, communication equipment, and first aid kits. Additionally, all parasail operators in Aruba are licensed and trained in safety procedures and emergency response, which means that they are equipped to handle any situation that may arise while you are out on the water or up in the air.


  • Height: One of the biggest concerns parents have is the height of the parasail. However, most parasail rides take place at a comfortable height of around 200-300 feet, which is not too high to cause any discomfort or fear in children. It is also possible to fly at lower heights, especially for younger children, which can be arranged with the operator beforehand. In any case, children are always secured to the parasail with harnesses and safety lines, so there is no danger of falling from the parasail.
  • Speed: Another concern is the speed at which the boat is moving, but this is also well-controlled. The boat speeds are carefully monitored to ensure that they are safe for the parasailers, and that the ride is smooth and enjoyable. The parasail canopy is also designed to provide a stable and comfortable flight experience, even in windy conditions. Additionally, the parasail line is strong and durable, so there is no risk of it breaking or snapping during the ride.

Low-Impact Activity

It’s also important to note that parasailing is a relatively low-impact activity, meaning that there is no risk of injury from rough landings or impacts. The boat slows down before the parasailers reach the water, and they land softly on the deck or in the water. The boat crew is always on hand to help with the landing and to ensure the safety of the passengers.

Safe For Children Psychologically

In addition to the physical safety aspects, parasailing is also safe for children from a psychological standpoint. Children as young as six years old can enjoy parasailing, and the experience is usually a fun and exciting one for them. The thrill of being high up in the air, surrounded by stunning views of the island and the ocean, is an unforgettable experience for kids.

Use Your Own Judgment

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that parents are the best judge of their child’s suitability for parasailing. Some children may have a fear of heights or may not be comfortable being away from the ground. In these cases, it’s best to refrain from going parasailing, as it is not a suitable activity for them.

Parasailing is a safe and enjoyable activity for kids in Aruba. With strict safety regulations in place and experienced operators, parents can rest assured that their children will be in good hands while they enjoy the breathtaking views from up in the air. Whether your child is six years old or 16, they are sure to have a blast while parasailing in Aruba. So if you’re looking for a fun and exciting activity to enjoy with your family, parasailing is a great option to consider.

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