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Tube Ride

Bounce on the waves behind a speedboat!

Quick Details

  • Weight limits apply
One Ride

Bring your friends on our popular tubing ride

Tubing is one of our most popular and exciting Aruba watersports activities! Enjoy 15 full minutes of uninterrupted tubing as our Delphi Watersports boat driver tows you (and up to three friends) on a large tube behind the boat. Bounce up and down on the waves behind the speedboat and let the thrill of the action overtake you.

You can choose out of a large selection of different tube models, such as single, twin, triple, kneeling, laying, sitting or our four-person bandwagon! With so many options to choose from, your tube ride is sure to be jam-packed with fun jumps, twists, and turns!

Reserve your tube now!