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Enjoy a panoramic view of Aruba!

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Experience parasailing Aruba with Delphi Watersports

Soar like an eagle as you experience the thrill of parasailing Aruba! Float high above the water and enjoy panoramic views of Aruba. During the flight, we take you up to heights between 400 and 600 feet, giving you unrivaled views of the island.

We offer parasailing for one person, or two people together (tandem flight). Safety is always our top priority. Participants are winched on and off the boat hydraulically for safe takeoffs and landings from the back of the boat. Not sure if you can try parasailing? Anyone can fly, including the young, old, and physically challenged! We work hard to ensure everyone has a fun, safe experience.

We practice dry takeoffs and landings, however, you may get dipped and get your feet wet by your request only. You don’t have to know how to swim to experience parasailing Aruba. All participants are required to wear lifejackets while parasailing for safety reasons.

Ready to feel the thrill? Join us!