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Why Horseback Riding Should Be Your First Choice To Explore Aruba

Guided Horseback Riding Tour

Turquoise waters, alluring beaches, and artistic landscape make Aruba the perfect vacation spot- especially for tourists seeking adventure beyond the ordinary. But before you schedule your trip to this Caribbean paradise, you must have a basic understanding of the place. Today’s blog post aims to share with you some exciting facts about Aruba, including its cultural heritage, natural beauty, and climate. The post also sheds light on a unique way to explore the island’s charms- horseback riding.

Fascinating Facts About Aruba

Aruba earned the name ‘One Happy Island’ because of its sunny weather and laid-back atmosphere. There is something special about this island- which makes it the perfect destination for relaxation and rejuvenation. The rich cultural tapestry forged over the years from the fusion of indigenous Arawak roots and Dutch colonial influence makes this place an exceptional vacation spot. Listed below are a few other facts about Aruba we found interesting and worthy of sharing;

#1- Nearly 20% of Aruba is occupied by Arikok National Park, renowned for its rich biodiversity, alluring desert landscapes, and hidden caves. You can enjoy a guided tour of the park or go off-roading in a 4×4 vehicle to explore the place in the most unique way possible.

#2- Coral reefs surrounding the island provide habitat for many different types of sea creatures, ranging from a variety of sea turtles to numerous fish species. Individuals who like exploring underwater ecosystems, such as divers and snorkelers, would love to visit Aruba. The island is also known for its consistent trade winds— for water sports enthusiasts who like windsurfing, kite-boarding, etc. it’s a dream come true.

#3- The island is famous for its natural limestone bridges and arches, which were formed due to the natural erosion of coral limestone.

Horseback Riding: The Best Way To Explore Aruba

Now that we have a thorough understanding of what makes Aruba an excellent vacation spot, let’s discuss why you should choose horseback riding as your mode of exploration on such an idyllic island.

Access to remote areas

Aruba is home to some gorgeous beaches, natural limestone bridges, and caves. You should venture off the beaten path to explore the island’s hidden treasures. And when it comes to navigating rocky outcrops and forging new paths, nothing beats horseback riding. If you want to explore Aruba from a completely different perspective and uncover its best-kept secrets, you should opt for a stunning guided horseback riding tour.

Memorable moments

If you want to make your vacation in Aruba memorable and fabricate some lasting, fun memories, you should opt for a horseback riding tour of the island. You will be able to capture the essence of Aruba’s unspoiled grandeur. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the island’s concealed riches in a more flexible and personalized way. You’ll have the freedom of pausing to photograph wildlife, witness breathtaking sunsets, and soak in the serenity of nature.

It’s eco-friendly

Aruba’s 20% land area is dedicated to conservation efforts. This place is home to diverse flora and fauna adapted to rugged and arid climates. It is not wise to explore such a delicate ecosystem with motorized vehicles. By choosing a low-impact mode of transportation, such as horses, to roam the island’s scenic landscape, you are not only minimizing your ecological footprint but also preventing environmental degradation.

Cultural connection

Horses enjoy special status in Aruban society. If you opt for a horseback riding excursion, you’ll better understand the island’s rich cultural heritage. Forging connections with the locals would also be easier for you.

Contact Delphi Watersports To Book A Guided Horseback Riding Tour

Sunny weather and a laid-back atmosphere made Aruba a prime holiday destination in the Caribbean Sea. It is a great place for relaxation and rejuvenation, a gateway to a world of discovery and adventure. At the same time, more than 20% of its land area is covered by Arikok National Park, a conservation area famous for its unique flora and fauna.

So, if you are planning to spend your upcoming holiday on an island that is home to pristine beaches and an artistic landscape but is also considered an ecological hotspot, you should opt for a low-impact mode of transportation, such as horses. You can reach out to Delphi Watersports to book a guided horseback riding tour. We have been providing personalized services to our valued customers since 1992.