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Want to go beyond parasailing and jump out of a plane into Aruba’s sky? Being attached to a USPA certified sky dive instructor makes sky diving in Aruba a save and thrilling experience! You can even have yourself on video while doing the action, so you can show the non-believers back home!


All dive instructors have USPA tandem ratings and thousands of skydives worth of experience to ensure your time with us is as exciting as it is safe. All equipment is maintained by an FAA certified Rigger and inspected after each jump to ensure you  are jumping the safest equipment available!


The pilot is an FAA certified commercially rated pilot with thousands of hours of flight time as well as experience with flying skydivers. The aircraft is held to strict FAA inspections and maintenance standards by an FAA certified aircraft mechanic!

Duo jump
The jump
The plane
Free fall
Open parachute

 Enjoying the view
Sky dive with us...and Experience the Difference!

- USPA certified sky dive instructor

- FAA certified rigger

- FAA certified pilot