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Healh and safety measures
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Covid-19 | Corona pandemic information


Health & Safety measures

Dear Guests,
The safety and well-being of our guests and staff have always been our top priority. We understand that many off you have concerns about Covid-19 and would like to address them. 
  • Delphi Watersports is closely following the local Department of Health (DVG) Control and Prevention guidelines and sanitation standards from Divers Alert Network (DAN) for all snorkeling gear.
  • All guest and staff members touch points including all surfaces, railings, coolers, bathroom fixtures on our boats will be wiped before each trip.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available to all guests and staff before boarding and throughout the entire duration of each trip.
  • Per (DAN) standards all snorkeling gear to include masks, mouth pieces and snorkels will be effectively sanitized by submerging them in a disinfectant solution for 15 minutes and then rinsed with fresh water before each use. We continue to welcome any and all passengers to bring their own snorkel gear if that is their preference.
  • Customers who would like to purchase their own mask for extra peace of mind can buy one (soon!) at cost price through our website www.delphiwatersports.com.
  • In addition to the steps outlined above we are asking our staff members who are exhibiting cold or flu symptoms to stay home and contact their health provider.
  • As a preventive safety measure we will be conducting body temperature scans upon arrival from our staff and customers to help ensure a safe and healthy experience.
We will always strive to provide you with a safe and enjoyable experience and hope that you will join us for a great time out on the water! On behalf of everyone at Delphi Watersports we appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you on the “One Happy Island” Aruba!
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