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Tube Ride

Aruba Tube Ride

 Bandwagon bouncing on the waves
Twin Tube Ride

 Bandwagon tube for 4 persons
Bandwagon action
Single Tube
Twin tube

Delphi Watersports Aruba Tube Ride

Single Tubes
Bounce on the waves behind a speedboat and get thrilled by the action! Tubing is one of the most popular watersports activities at Delphi Watersports and it is truly accessible for the whole family as it requires minimal skill level!

Safe and fun

Delphi Watersports lets you experience an adrenaline-fueled 15 minutes tube ride that surpasses any theme park! Our driver will slow down or speed up as tubing speed will be determined according to your confidence level to ensure you feel comfortable. Our sole goal is to ensure your time with Delphi Watersports is safe and fun filled!

Selection of models

You can choose out of a large selection of different tube models; such as single tube, twin tube, triple tube, kneeling, laying, sitting, or our four persons bandwagon!