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Clearbottom Kayak

Interested in an activity that is cool, relaxing, and for all ages?


In that case renting our new Clearbottom Kayaks is perfect for you and your loved ones! While you're gliding through the beautiful Caribbean Sea in your double clearbottom kayak you will see the marine life below through the crystal clear glass bottom!


If anyone does feel the urge to get wet, we supply big water guns so you can start your own epic battle at sea!

Truly a safe and great way to spend some time at sea, and definitely a must for young and old!


Reserve your Clearbottom Kayak through the Reservation Form and we will make sure you will enjoy the ride in one of our double Clearbottom Kayaks with names like: ARUBA ARRIBA, GREEN IGUANA, RUM PUNCH, & ARUBA HULK!

Kayak with us...and Experience the Difference!

Water guns included!